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Conveniently located near Fayetteville and Raleigh, NC, RV Rental of Sanford provides rental RV options to North Carolina. Renting an RV is a fun way to tailgate at a football game or concert, go camping at a nearby campground, or travel across the country to sightsee. Regardless of your reason to rent an RV, you'll love having all the amenities of you're home while your on the road!

A Class C motor home rental is among the most comfortable RV rentals in NC. When you rent an RV for your weekend trip or family vacation, you will enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors and explore the country without compromising some of the conveniences and luxuries of home. Your group of travelers or campers will have the opportunity to prepare meals in the full kitchen of a Sanford RV rental, and serve dinner at the dinette table while relaxing and watching the built-in television.

There is no reason to stand in line to use busy campground restrooms that can sometimes unclean. With an NC motorhome rental, you can take advantage of a full bathroom area that includes a sink, shower and toilet.

29' Class C Motorhome Rentals Sleeps 6 $179 per day

This 29' Class C RV Rental includes a queen bed, overhead bed, dinette and sofa beds, television, a full kitchen and bathroom, and much more. It is the perfect motorhome rental for a family vacation or weekend camping trip.

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